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Gianna Michaels

Alias: Gianna Micheals, Gianna Rossi, Gianna Michael, Terah Wicker, Giana Michaels, Gianna Lynn, Gianna Nelson, Mistress Gianna, Becky

Pays: United States

Née: 1983-06-06

œil: Blue

Cheveu: Auburn

La taille: 178 cm

Poids: 66 kg

Seins: Natural

Bout: Natural

Des vues: 279

Gianna Michaels vidéos

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Gianna Michaels' first job was "at a hamburger joint up in Seattle called Dick's.
As of December 2009, Gianna's filmography includes more than 344 DVD credits
In January 2010, there were rumours that Gianna had retired from the business but she confirmed on her Twitter page that she was just "taking a break.
Gianna had a small part in the 2010 mainstream horror movie, "Piranha 3D"
Winner of 2008 AVN Award: Best Sex Scene in Foreign Shot Production.
Winner of 2008 AVN Award: Unsung Starlet of the Year.
Winner of 2008 AVN Award: Best All-Sex Release – G for Gianna.

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